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Helping Children Return Safely to Guatemala

While many unaccompanied children have viable claims for U.S. protection, KIND recognizes that a number of others do not, and that they must return to their home countries. Unfortunately, no formal system exists for these children to ensure that they return safely and to address the conditions that caused them to make the dangerous journey to the United States alone. These conditions often remain unchanged upon the child’s return.

KIND has partnered with The Global Fund for Children (GFC) to address this vital gap through a pilot project, the Guatemalan Child Return and Reintegration Project (GCRRP)—one of the first projects of its kind. The GCRRP works to ensure a safe return for unaccompanied children and provide support upon their arrival to Guatemala to access vital services. About 34 percent of the more than 8,000 unaccompanied children who come to the United States each year are from Guatemala.

KIND and The Global Fund will take the best practices learned from this project and advocate to create additional projects in the region.

Who is Eligible

When Guatemalan children who have chosen to return home, who have taken voluntary departure, or who have been ordered deported are eligible to participate in the project. Returning children are identified and referred to GCRRP through KIND's pro bono legal services network and through partnerships with other organizations throughout the country.

Participation in GCRRP is voluntary and GCRRP staff works closely with each child to ensure his/her involvement throughout the different stages of the return and reintegration process.

For Questions about the GCRRP Please Contact

Wendy Ramirez | (202) 824-8691

To refer a child, please contact

Adriana Lopez | (202) 824-8684

Child Friendly Brochure

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GCRRP Fact Sheet

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